Nursery Fees will be reduced by 20% if you pay via 

Tax Free Childcare

Fees - BrightStart @ Bransholme, Compass &

Dorchester (as of 6.4.20)

Fees New from 6th April 2020 

Under 3's 

am £26.50 / pm £26.00 

Full day £43.00 

Full Time £199.00 

Hourly stand-alone rate £7.50 (Max of 2 hours @ managers discretion)

Hourly rate on top of one of above sessions £5.35

 Over 3’s – not linked to any funding stream

Before school inc drop off £6.00 / After school inc. collection £9.00 

am £25.00 / pm £24.50

8.30am-4pm Short day  £38.50 

Full day £42.00 

Full Time £194.00 

Hourly stand-alone rate £7.00  Max of 2 hours @ managers discretion £6

Hourly rate on top of one of above sessions* including funded sessions a shown below £5.35 

Out of School Club

Before school inc drop off £6.00 / After school inc. collection £9.00 

Full Days in school holidays - £26.00 with pack up required

any 5 hrs session in the school holidays £16 pack up to be supplied if over lunch

Additional hourly rate in school holidays to top up 5 hr sessions (max of plus 2) - £3.75 per hour

Full time in the school holidays - £120.00 - no further discounts apply

[email protected]

(as of 6.4.20)

Preschool time 8.45-11.45am/ 12.30-3.30pm - £17.50 subject to availability

Short Day 8.45am-3.30pm - £35.50 (including snacks) packed lunch to be provided

Full Time - £162.00 packed lunch to be provided - no further discounts apply

lunch club to link two preschool time sessions together or for school to nursery link 11.45-12.30 - £.4.50 or £5.50 if including school collection/drop off from Biggin School

Sibling discounts of 10% available please ask for details (not on full time prices)

please visit for more information on saving

money on your childcare fees - including the application for 30 funded childcare

for 3 & 4 year olds.

Terms & Conditions

As in all business’s it is important for the delivery of our business for parents to follow the terms & conditions of the setting in respect of payment. You will be asked to sign the Terms & Conditions of the nursery upon registration. The contract between yourselves & the company works as a two-way agreement, as that we will provide you with the childcare sessions you require to meet your needs​ & for this you agree to pay the nominated fee in accordance with the agreement & follow our procedures should this become difficult to maintain.

Unless your fees are being paid for by someone other than yourself (such as a training provider, your work or an external service, BUT NOT TAX CREDITS) you will be expected to pay for your nursery fees in advance unless you have a credit account with the Administration Department.

If you account falls into arrears by more than 2 weeks, the company will then take steps to retrieve the balance of your account (with additional charges) or suspend your child’s daycare place until the balance has been cleared or a suitable payment plan is in situ. As a company aim to make the payment of your fees as easy as possible by accepting these by cash, debit card, standing order & for the time being by cheque. You will be asked to sign a payment book or sheet if you pay your fees directly at the setting & this is your receipt.

If you would like a copy of your account for your reference or to check payments, you may contact the Administration Department on [email protected] or by asking the staff at your setting to pass your details to the Administration Team.

The Terms and Conditions of the Nursery ‘Contract’ also explain that:-

* Any Parent is eligible to 4 weeks holiday break in a year (after an inital 12 week period), where ½ fees will be charged to your account should you choose to be absent from nursery for the week. These ‘weeks’ are classed as your child’s registered ‘full weeks’ not odd days. Therefore if you want your child to attend only 2 out of their 5 days in one week, holiday break entitlement cannot be used & full fees will be charged.

* All children’s absences due to sickness or other absences WILL be charged for in all circumstances.

* Late fees may be charged for persistent lateness when collecting children, we do have to operate very strict guidelines in respect of adult: child ratios & also are only ever permitted to have a certain number of children in the building at any one given time. If you are late we have to notify both Ofsted & our Insurance Company. Please respect our guidelines & please do not be offended if we have to discuss this with you further. If you are going to be late PLEASE contact the nursery, with your expected time of arrival.

* If you are late to collect your child after the nursery has closed, we will charge you a set late fee of £10 for every half hour you are late. This fee is to pay the two staff members who legally have to stay with your child until they are collected. If a child is not collected & the parent cannot be contacted, we are legally obliged to contact the local Social Services department, so please ensure your mobile & other contact details are updated & you contact the nursery if you are delayed in collecting your child.

* Sessions cannot be changed on an ad-hoc basis, your child’s sessions have been reserved & have to be paid for, any extra sessions you book will be added to your weekly fees & we respectfully ask for the payments for the extra sessions to be paid by the latest in your following weekly fee.

* We do not charge parents for Bank Holidays & for when the nursery is closed.

Parents will be given a full copy of your Terms & Conditions upon registration